You will need the following information or data to properly complete the SBA Loan Application. Due to the severity of the current situation there is also a high probability you can get a near-instant ten thousand dollar advance. For this option please have a blank check handy as you'll need the Routing Number and Account Number

For your business you'll need either your Social Security Number if a sole proprietor OR your Tax ID EIN provided to you by the IRS.

If you have employees, make sure you have an accurate count of currently employed people (subcontractors are not considered employees). You do NOT have to have employees to get the loan BUT if you have W2 workers and keep them paid, the loan may be forgiven.

You'll need your sales total from February 1st, 2019 through January 31st, 2020. If using Gigbuilder for collecting payments press the button below. An alternative would be to simply add up all bank deposits during that period.

Begin the loan application process by clicking the following link which will open in a new tab.

COVID-19 Relief Application

SBA Report Page 1

The first question determines your type of business. In almost every case it will be one of the top two. If you are incorporated in any form, including an LLC, use the option shown below. All others should select the second option.

You must be able to answer YES to all of the following questions.

SBA Report : Business Information

The first two questions ask your business and trade name which will probably be the same unless you are incorporated under a different name than your business entity. For example, you may be incorporated as "ABC,LLC" but go under the trade name of "Superior Sounds DJ Service".

Line 3 is your social security number if not incorporated OR your EIN which we asked you to procure earlier.

Your organization type is similar to the question asked on the previous page -- its the government and they do this -- You will most likely be a Sole Proprietor or a Limited Liability Corporation.

Most of you will click NO to the next two questions concerning Non-Profit and Franchise

You'll need your gross revenue from February 1st, 2019 through January 31,2020. If you have used Gigbuilder to handle your payments we can estimate this amount (if not you may be able to get this by simply calculating all deposits into your business checking account) by clicking the ESTIMATE SALES in the preparation step above.

The next 6 lines can either be zero for the single line entries and blank for the paragraph fields

Provide your business Address: Gigbuilder Demo - - - -- - - FAX is not required

Email field is where communcation will come from the SBA. You do NOT need to provide your business email especially if others have access.

For the business dates on the following two fields, if you started the business it will be the same date. If you purchased or aquired the business at a later date, try to get the start date and then provide the date you took control.

If you had W2 Employees (subcontractors do NOT count) provide the number of employed people as of January 31st, 2020.

SBA Report : Owner's Information

You'll have to create a record for each owner. If you are the sole owner, simply complete this page. There's nothing confusing on this page other than the first question, which should be NO.

Provide your name and PERSONAL cell phone number.

Title will most likely be Owner

If you own the business outright, the percentage will be 100% and if equal among owners would be 50% for two owners, 33% for three, and so-forth

Email is your personal address which can also be your company email if used for both. SSN is your social security number

Remaining fields should be simple to complete.

SBA Report : Additional Information

SBA wants to make sure you are not a criminal so make sure you mark the top of the form as you see below.

The light-blue section is to be completed if somebody took care of this for you. We do not count so please leave it blank.

If you would like to get a ten thousand dollar advance (on approval) click the checkmark as shown. Bank information will be needed regardless. Provide your Checking Account Number and your bank's routing number. If confused, the routing number is a 9-Digit number which is almost always the first set of numbers on your check, while your account number will most likely be longer

Click to accept and continue. The final page will allow you to view all your entries, edit if necessary, and then submit. That's all there is to it. Good luck.